Of all the industries that have been impacted by the digital revolution, among the most affected has been the print industry.

Adobe Photoshop recently celebrated 25 years – and a quick revisit to Photoshop v1.0 is an eye opener – we forget how far we have come.

Desktop publishing is the only option for anyone looking to print a magazine (or indeed, anything) today. Gone are the huge typesetting machines, colour separations and Letraset… now all files are produced on screen and then sent as pdf files to be converted through a CTP (Computer to Plate) system and then placed directly on the printer rolls.

This has eliminated many of the intermediary steps in the process. We rarely run wet proofs, there are no longer issues with registration. The process is very different.

Right up to the point where we put ink on paper. This part of the process is still the same and a skilled machine operator still makes the difference between an excellent and a poor print job.

We are careful to work with printers with not only the finest plant, but also those who understand the traditional printing values and who truly care about the work they produce. We oversee the process every step of the way to ensure that your material is of the highest possible quality and finish.

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