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Whatever your print requirements we offer a range of facilities from high volume rotary web presses to custom digital solutions.

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Traditional Offset vs. Digital Printing

digital or offset thumbWhich is right for your project?

There are a number of important considerations that will determine whether you should be looking at an offset or a digital option for your print requirement.

We are happy to advise, and in this article we outline the offset vs digital argument.

But, rest assured, today's digital options are every bit as good as the offset alternatives - you'll struggle to spot any difference!

European Paper Sizes

paper sizes thumbJust how different are they?

Well, in truth - not very, but just enough to mean we have to pay attention. In most cases if you are looking to print a standard US document (8.5 x 11 inches), this can be done easily on standard European paper. There may be some wastage, but this may not be significant. However, if you have a large print run that wastage can suddenly make a project more expensive than it should be.

Standard European and US paper sizes are certainly something we should discuss. We can advise on any adaptations, and even help with the artwork.

Don't Print in Paris, Texas

printing in paris thumbIf you need to deliver in Paris, France.

There's always a temptation to "control" things. Even if this means printing your marketing collateral with your regular printer and then shipping it halfway around the world for a trade show in Europe. 

But, when was the last time you actually visited your printer? Chances are, you send all your files digitally, and they take care of things for you.

That's exactly what we do. Except, we print your material where it needs to be. Saving you time and money, apart from all the other advantages of what is almost "on site" printing.

  • Google
  • Harvard
  • Stella McCartney
image Digital. Short run.

When Google Googles

Marketing Collateral

We have been working with Google for more than three years, supplying marketing collateral to events all over Europe.

image Sheet Fed. CMYK.

Top Marks from Harvard

Conference Materials

Harvard University contact European Printer to produce conference programs and attendee T-Shirts.

image New Store Launch.

When McCartney Calls

High Definition Vinyls

When Stella McCartney opened her flagship store in Spain's vibrant city of Barcelona, European Printer arranged the printing and installation of the display vinyls.

Reasons to be Cheerful!

  • We speak English +

    You wont need to rely on Google Translator!
  • Doorstep Delivery +

    Simply tell us where your printing needs to be and we will arrange delivery.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint +

    Don't ship your print collateral halfway around the world - Think Green!
  • No Customs Delays +

    Don't be alone on your exhibition stand while your material languishes in customs
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