As the world gets smaller thanks to digital communication one might expect the information flow to be equally speedy when it comes to print.

Not so. Because print is physical and needs to move, well, physically.

Within Europe we have enjoyed free movement of goods for four decades or more… unfortunately, Brexit has undone that for UK companies looking to spread their marketing message to Le Continent.

Border controls which have led to border delays are back… big time. We have recently printed a couple of jobs in Europe that needed to be shipped to the UK. Both have been fraught with issues. Paperwork which no-one seemed to know was required, was required. Information missing on invoices including the weight of individual books, the Incoterm reference, the HS code and the Taric number. As yet the shoe size and gym membership number has not been requested, but it could well come!

For many UK companies, printing in the UK and then shipping to their European partners has been their modus operandi for decades. No more. The complications around the export/import of goods are here to stay. Even when the borders become less congested the required paperwork will still be required. And the delays around any missing documentation will still be unavoidable.

There is nothing worse than having print collateral stuck in customs when people are waiting for it. If this is time sensitive the situation is worse.

Here at European Printer we can bypass these issues. Where possible we print in country – if not in city – with our reliable partners. And even if we do not print in country, the shipments do not have to cross any hard borders between EU countries.

So if you are a UK print buyer with a Brexit headache, we might be able to help. We can’t fix the UK-EU borders, but we can help you avoid them!

Ask us for a quote today or just call us for a chat about your print requirements….