Why use a European Print Management Company?

The Benefits of Using a European Print Management Company

As a European Print Management company, we have worked with clients of different sizes (and budgets) to ensure they get the very best value that can be achieved without jeopardising the quality of their printed materials.

As a result, we have become aware of a number of benefits that our services bring to the table which add significant value to our clients.

Whilst this list is not meant to be exhaustive, we believe that the following are the core reasons for using a European Print Management company such as EuropeanPrinter.com :


1. Economies of scale

It makes sense that the more print you are buying from a printer, the better rates you are going to enjoy. However, if you have a limited annual requirement, it can often be difficult to leverage the print supplier and get a better deal. Because we are buying on behalf of a number of clients and are actively promoting our services to grow our volumes in the future, we command excellent prices from our printers based on the overall volumes we manage.

Often these price differentials will be significant which means that, even considering our management fee, you will generally pay less than you would if you were to negotiate directly with the same supplier. And given that our suppliers are among the best across the continent – we save you the trouble of finding them in the first place.


2. Simple lines of communication

Many of our clients have a mixture of print requirements. They may, for example, need brochures, office stationery and exhibition display materials. No single supplier will be able to provide all these different elements and at the same time maintain quality and pricing. When you deal with EuropeanPrinter.com you have a single line of communication for all your printing needs. We will coordinate the range of suppliers, you will deal with just one. We arrange delivery and we can either combine or split projects so that each delivery point receives precisely what they were supposed to receive.


3. Quality control

When you supply your international printer a specification written for the US or the UK market, for example, are you sure that those technical specifications are understood. And will your printer get back to you with any suggestions how the project might be adapted to reduce the costs? At EuropeanPrinter.com we work closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understand the specification prior to selecting the printer(s) from whom to request quotes. By learning to share your vision for the project, we can propose the ideal print partner. 


4. Time zone and language barriers

Despite growing internationalisation, doing business with someone half way across the world presents its own particular (and often times peculiar) set of challenges. Being able to speak directly to your print manager in your language and at a time that suits you is invaluable. EuropeanPrinter.com has telephone numbers in the US (+1 866 654 2150) the UK (+44 (0)161 470 1201) and Spain (+34 952 066 142). All are national numbers and are answered in English by one of our managers – usually in real time. In addition to the phone numbers, we also offer online chat and a complete online quote request form. We speak English and Spanish fluently with a good understanding of French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

In the unlikely event that we cannot be reached we respond to email in a timely manner, usually within one business day.