Overnight Printing in Vienna

If you are running an international conference, getting a daily newsletter printed is something of a challenge.

On the one hand, it would be so much easier to simply print a newsletter for each day well in advance of the event. But the truly engaging news is that which surfaces within the conference itself. And the idea of being able to comment on that as the conference happens is a very attractive proposition.

So it was with the Efort Congress in Vienna from the 31st May – 2nd June 2017. The plan had been in place for some time with a local printer in Vienna.

But a week before the event the printer – who had clearly misunderstood the initial brief – rang to chase the files. At this point, the well-laid plans collapsed. An alternative had to be found in a hurry. At this point, the organisers reached out to EuropeanPrinter.com

The Key Features of Overnight Printing

The overriding consideration in a project of this kind is location. No matter how efficient a printer in another city might be, they cannot receive files at 6pm and deliver the printed material at 8.30am the next morning. Instead, the printer must be located within a reasonable distance of the delivery destination.

Secondly, the printer has to be prepared to work closely with us, their client, to ensure that the process does not hit any insurmountable obstacles along the way. There simply isn’t enough time to correct and redress and errors.

We ran some test files in advance to make sure that everyone was happy with the process. We were lucky to be working with a client who delivered the files not only in perfect condition but ahead of time.

The newsletters were delivered each day of the congress and triggered this response from Andrea Gaymon of Slack Incorporated, organisers of the event:

“Thank you for everything. I was very happy with the job and the ability to work through you and not have challenges with language barriers. Also that with short notice you were able to take this job and make it work when another printer could not. We do this particular job every year in a different European City. Next year is Barcelona and so I will not hesitate to reach out to you again for that job.”

Every project should run smoothly and without a hitch. But when you are working to such tight deadlines this is doubly important. We take great pride in ensuring that deadlines, however tight, are met every time.

We’re already looking forward to Barcelona next year!


overnight printing in vienna

Size : A4 (210mm x 297mm / 8¼ “ x 11¾”)

Pagination : 8pp with self cover

Stock :  115gsm coated gloss

Printing : Full colour throughout

Binding : Saddle stitched

Run : Overnight printing of 3 editions each of 3,000 copies

Delivery : Vienna, Austria